World Explorer - Pick Up & Deliver


Player Experience: Adventures

Essential Experience: Adventures Sailor looking build a lost Artefact

Inventory: Ship Captain Ledger

Board: Map of the Word with different market where the player can visit to find the piece of the lost piece of the pulpet.

Movement Mechanics:
• Ship can move based on Energy level.
• Each Ship has 4 Energy level, 3 Gold and 2 Crew Member
• Energy Level let you move so many square at a time.
• You could increase the Energy Level Meter by hire more Crew Members
• 1 Crew Member is two energy level on the Meter and 1 Crew Member is 2 Gold Coins
• You get one Energy Level at the begin of a new turn.
• If you have fish you can use the fish to increase you energy level and move immediately. 1 Fish equal to 2 Energy Level Increase.
• You could sell Fish for 1 Gold Coin
• You could all buy Fish in Market for 1 Gold Coin
• You need hire Navigator to go to next market. First Market trip does not need buy a Navigator. 1 Navigator is 2 Gold Coins
• A Navigator can take you one particular market only. You need buy new Navigator for each market.
• No two Navigator does not take you that market
• You could also buy other items which would sell for hire gold in other Markets.
• You could fish in Fish Zone and get 3 fish or Fish anywhere an get one fish. You cannot fish while moving, fishing needs one energy level.
• You could special zone which could have treasure or robbers. [Once you land on special zone you need pick a special zone card to know your faith]
• Once Reach a Market you could trade immediately but ship can only move in the next turn.

Victory Condition:
All Artefacts needs to collect the Ship which finds the most Artefacts wins and fastest wins.

If both conditions are same then Ship with highest Gold wins.

Cost & Risk:
Energy Level is cost. You need to decide how much energy to spend and for want and where.

Gold Coin is also cost. You need to travel to next market once you buy that Navigator no one else can buy him.

Tradeoff and Choice:

Player could focus on improve the ship to move faster or Keep Moving with Energy he/she has and focus on get to Artefact sooner.

Player could take chance with Special Zones or Avoid them

Player could fish anywhere or fish in Fish Zones

Where choice cost player valuable time as player with most artefact found and returned to base wins in quickest time


PLAYER CARD (Inventory)