Workflow For TakeDamage ina Listen Server MP

So I’ve been playing with MP functionality in UE5, And to summarise, I have a Health Component attached to Character, and a Simple Spawning and Exploding bomb functionality (using server rpc) on the character. Idea is Players can throw bomb to try kill others.

So far i’ve Been able to handle damage and Explosions using proper RPC’s. And now started to Implement HandleDeath using gamemode class, So ive learnt that GameMode sits only on the Server and i cannot access it from a client. Ive been unsuccessfully trying to comeup with the proper implementation as to how or who should call gamemode to tell XYZ character has died. And Respawn him After 5 seconds.

Everytime i try to access GetWorld->GetAuthGamemode() It always returns null (Even in server, since this is being run inside a server RPC)

After Hours of scouring docs im still unable to achieve the functionality i want to, and i know im probably missing something very basic :frowning: Any help will be appreciated as to how the proper Workflow should be achieved for this

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