Woo! Challenge Completed in Under 5 Minutes!

So I did take two terms of C++ about 4 years ago so I guess you could say I cheated a bit :wink:
Still, it makes me very proud that I still retained the skills I learned at my community college CS classes. I know experienced programmers would probably laugh at the simplicity of the challenge, but I had no clue if I still had it in me so confidence is through the roof now when it comes to finishing this course and creating awesome VR experiences!!


Unity Setup:

Pretty simple, just drag the target down to your prefab folders and edit the DetectScoring script with a public bool so you can designate certain targets as โ€œspecialโ€ which in my case gave the targets a value of 3 points instead of one point.

Then edit the IncrementScore method accordingly and there you have it! Now you can drag high-score blocks onto your scene from your prefabs folder.

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