Wobbly pins issue

So this is an interesting one. When I watch my pins during the game they wobble. Not a lot but some and really just enough to not count them on the board. The counter will constantly change. I tried to move the pins closer to the lane thinking that when the game starts they drop a tiny amount and that’s what starts the wobbling. I wached them a number of times and they still wobble.

Any ideas??? I’m just about ready to remove the pins and start fresh.


Ok I found a solution in case anyone was wondering what it was. I changed a couple of the physics settings in the “Project Settings” menu. I changed the Solver Iteration Count to 15 and turned on Enable Adaptive Force. That seems to have done the trick to make the pins not wobble all the time.

They still “wobble” when the scene starts as if they are dropping on to the lane. The issue there is that the rotation of the pin changes thus changing the the tiltInX and tiltInZ variables. I printed them the variables to the console and found that one was reporting a really low number like .00005 the other was reporting 359.00002 or something like that.

So I change the lines

float tiltInX = Mathf.Abs(rotationInEuler.x);
float tiltInZ = Mathf.Abs(rotationInEuler.z);


float tiltInX = Mathf.Abs(rotationInEuler.x - 360);
float tiltInZ = Mathf.Abs(rotationInEuler.z - 360);

At some point I’ll probably remove and replace all of the pins and start fresh. But for now.


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