WIP Sword&Shield multiplayer game

Hi everyone!

Just want to reveal my WIP project: UE4 multiplayer action game. It is already playable.
LINK: itch.io


  1. Menu, Settings, Multiplayer connection/disconnection
  2. Weapons pickup and use
  3. Roll to avoid damage
  4. Sprint
  5. Health and stamina usage
  6. Death and respawn in random player start
  7. Shield usage

What next:

  1. Refactoring
  2. VFX for weapon abilities
  3. Sound
  4. HUD improvements
  5. Game mode settings and in-game scores

Used assets:

  1. Free Fantasy Weapon Sample Pack
  2. My own menu and settings asset (modified for multiplayer)

PS: Special thanks to Sam) and the UE multiplayer course!
PPS: All improvements will be posted on itch.io devlog

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Looking really good keep it up!