WIP Colt Python Blocked out

Colt Python blocked out with basic textures for testing, ready for detailingshaping and proper texturing …


Looking Awesome! :sunglasses:

Thanks mate ! went back and redid a bunch of parts that needed fixing …getting a little closer now :slight_smile:


Just about done now a few small things to fix like the handles uvmap and small texture changes and this thing will finally be done!


Nice work @rszarka!
Looking very good!

You know what would be awesome with that? A firing animation.
I’m working on one for my glock g25 and it really pushes your learning, a lot of different techniques. Rigging, smoke and muzzle effects, the animation itself with recoil and i’m aiming to try a “bullet chase” scene with the bullets in slow motion and the camera closing in.

Thanks lucas thats a great idea …will give it a go and post here when done…will you post your results in your glock thread? Would love to see what you come up with!

Looking forward to see it :slight_smile:

I will definetly share when i’m done, it might take a while because I have a few ideas that I have never done before and i will need to research and try a lot.

Maybe later today I will update the thread with a render of the new textures and a small animation that I’ve done to show the gun before it starts to shoot.

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Really nice model, well done!

Next level- gun looks brand new and polished, what could you add to give it a real world feel? Scratches, dust, oil/grease are a few examples :slight_smile:

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Wow, my hat is off to you Sir!

Thanks guys! Michael bridges I have thought about the things you are suggesting I just don’t really have nodes and texturing down that well yet …it is where I am weakest with my modelling but I will give it a try and see if I can add some smidges dust and scratches :slight_smile: i dont know why i struggle so much with it your lessons are awesome on it all …it just seems to be one of those things for me that i struggle grasping properly. while I have your ear Michael. I am making a Spanish galleon and I’m up to the ropes and rigging. I can easily make the ropes with curves and add a bevel object …the thing is any idea how I can make it look like rope haha a little stumped on this one. I was thinking maybe with textures but that may be ****** hard. Not sure…how would you make the ropes? There is no No better advice than advice from the master himself :slight_smile:

Sorry, missed your question about a rope.

Unless you are in close to the rope- I would use texture to simulate the fibres rather than trying to model rope! :fearful:

Thanks Michael, and no problem Re the delay I know you are a super busy guy :slight_smile: i ended up doing just that after a bit of playing around …

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