WIP - A butterfly

Funny thing was, that while I was searching for reference material. I came on a web site, where somebody did the same thing with the same textures, I already found :wink: . But I decided to go on with my own project, because of the learning process.


That is looking amazing! Can we get a wireframe of the whole model?

No problem. The model needs to have some final details. But for my project, this version is sufficient. See lesson S10 VFX and CGI.
The butterfly is not anatomical correct. Because the reference material was from several types of butterflies. Body type A, legs type B, antenna type C.


Things I don’t do, but can be improved.

  • Back body isn’t that hairy
  • Eyes more facet like
  • legs are on some place hairy too.
  • Antenna end-point do have a ‘thingy’ on it.
  • Coloring

So, show me what you can do with it !
Happy rendering.

i hate bugs haha, but this is really awsome and good

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