Windows vs Mac for this class, any other considerations?

I have both Mac and Windows computers, however my new iMac is much nicer to work on than my old PC. Since I’ve been programming for decades without refactoring tools and I can’t use Oculus, are there other reasons to do this class on the PC? Will it be a problem if I start on the Mac, and then later switch to the PC if I run into trouble? Thanks!

Note: I tried to attach this to the section 1.4 lecture on Unreal development environments, but obviously did not get that right and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Sorry.

I believe there are a few minor inconveniences in the Mac version of UE4, namely I remember the class list not working on a Mac (not sure if this has been fixed or not). That isn’t a huge deal however, and as long as you’re considering the specifications of both machines, either one should serve you fine.

One other minor downside is that @ben uses Visual Studio shortcuts, like auto-creating a declaration or definition, that often don’t have a parallel function in XCode. However, these are just shortcuts after all, and you won’t be missing any core functionality without them.

Transferring progress between the machines should be fairly seamless, all it should take is a rebuild of your project files each time you switch (takes maybe ~1-2 min). If you have any other questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Thank you Carson! That is very helpful.

iMacs monitors is awesome , I have the 27’’.

You can have refactoring just fine. I have already posted a thread about CodeLite and now I investigating emacs. Vim should work too and probably Eclipse and Netbeans too.

XCode is just an IDE that focus mainly on swift and ObjC , so it’s kinda bad choice for unreal.

Refactoring tools is a must have for big code bases. Emacs can do some insane stuff. Refactoring goes way beyond than what Ben teaches , it’s definetly not a beginner subject . You can automate code generation to a great degree. It’s not that it saves time it also reduces bugs.

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I have the 27" too, Dimitris. It’s amazing. That’s a good idea about trying other editors. I’ve used Emacs a little bit; it’s like a magician’s tool. Vim is not currently supported for Mac OS, so one would need to run it from the Unix side of Mac. Thanks for the ideas!

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