Why no dedicated Godot section here?

I’m surprised there’s not a dedicated section for Godot.

I’m enjoying the course but do notice that it’s hard to find much help. Googling will often turn up a lot of Python answers as the code is so similar, even including the word Godot in the search terms.

Also there are many, many questions on the Q&A without any answers, going back 6 months or more. That’s not a good look tbh.

So Ben & Yann, as Godot evangelists, why not show it some love ? :slight_smile:

There used to be a dedicated section for each course a while ago, but as far as i understand it. The ‘other courses’ section was created as there wasnt a big volume of posts, but they can still be separated and searchable using the tags.

Im working through it as well, so if theres anything you come up against, feel free to mention me in a post and ill try and help if i can.