Why is there so much more focus on Unity instead of UE4?

Is it entirely a market share thing? I get that Unity has a much bigger share among indie devs. However, this has ALSO led to a stigma against Unity for being the “****** indie dev” engine.

Is there a good reason that Unity is preferred among everyone here, or is it purely the market?

My guess would be a bit of everything you’ve mentioned.

Unity has been for, what, the last 5-7 years been a fantastic game engine for indies to develop with, on minimum spec hardware.

Pricing wise, I think Unity gone in early with being freely available for all, which helped it build a solid fan base. (I think Unreal became free 2-3 years ago?).

Those are just my simple guesses. I just remember years ago, when I wanted to get into game development, I just chose the one which had lots of training resources readily available on the net (plus was free), and that just happened to be Unity.

Is there a good reason that Unity is preferred among everyone here,

I think it’s because the Complete Unity Developer was the first course that really kicked off this forum etc, etc (following the kickstarter etc), so not surprised lots of us are from a Unity background :smiley:

I believe there are many reasons for this.

  1. C++ vs C#: Many people find C++ to be difficult as compared to C#. So that’s where Unreal takes a hit.
  2. Free: Unreal became free a couple of years ago, whereas Unity was free from a long time attracting a lot of people.
  3. Tutorial Material: This is subjective, but the Unity website has much more and better tutorial for beginners.
  4. Indie preference: This indie community love Unity whereas Unreal is more of AAA standard.

Thats true. But if you head over Bens kickstarter page, you’ll see that Unreal Engine Course raised almost double that the Unity course did. Unity as of now has much more students. But I believe Unreal can catch up soon enough.

Unreal Engine Course raised almost double that the Unity course did

Although, more money doesn’t always mean more students, as there are approximately 61,000 students for the Unreal course and 161,000 for the Unity one.

One day, when my coding skills are good, I’ll have a look at Unreal.

Not exactly a great metric seeing how Ben was unknown and hadn’t had a proven track record. A lot of people backed the Unreal course because he had proven himself with the Unity course.

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I think one reason is that UE4 is buggy and very biased toward FPS games. That makes it very unwieldy and frustrating for beginners and indies. If it improves in the couple of generations it could be very competitive with Unity for indie developers.

Well, good news everyone, I can’t get UE4 to run on my Linux machine without it crashing every time I try to do something. You Unity guys win this round. :joy:

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