Why is the code in a PDF?

To be honest, I’m a bit annoyed by the fact everything is downloadable as a PDF instead of just OR a webpage (So I don’t have to download a PDF everytime) OR (in this case) as an original cs file. Trying to copy paste from the PDF just messes up all the indentations and also has the headers.
And if it’s in a PDF, why not correctly name the PDF according to the course section, having twice ‘TextController.pdf’ for different states of the course is just ****.

Hi @Andrew_Jakobs, I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing a few difficulties. I never downloaded the code myself, I just typed it in as the course progressed, pausing the video where needed etc.

I gave it a little test earlier with some code of my own. I copied it from Visual Studio, pasted it into Word, saved it as a PDF, then copied it to the clipboard again and finally pasted it into Visual Studio. It appeared to have lost some carriage returns in the process and the code was left aligned. I did try using Visual Studio’s Format Document option but that didn’t seem to work, I would imagine I would need to go through and separate all of the code blocks (methods) first.

I would suspect that the PDF files were added for a reference only rather than to be used as you go along. I was under the impression that all of the project files were available for download also. I will check and come back to you on that one.


Hi again @Andrew_Jakobs, ok, so if you look at the Course Content and go to the end of the Text101 section, expand the content and you will see the following;

Downloading the Text-101.zip file gives me the entire project which I can open in Visual Studio and access to the actual code files. In fact, I didn’t spot a PDF? Can you let me know which specific lecture you were referring to in your first post.


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I dont know about everyone, but it helps me to type things in instead of copy/pasting.
It helps me remember things more, and get used to the syntax.

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I agree with you, but in this case it was all repeated statefunctions with a lot of text in it which you could not copy paste from the GDD because the actual text wasn’t in there, otherwise I would have copy pasted the functions (as I did earlier) from my own typed code, and just replaced the text itself from the GDD.
Typing code yourself IS the best way to getting used to the syntax, that’s why I even get annoyed with the Intellisense of the newer IDE’s as it tries to finish code what I don’t want, so I keep doing backspace to retype it again… (Just a bit like autocorrection in browsers (Edge), which for some reason I just cannot turn off, even though I have it turned off in windows itself).

Obviously I don’t know which IDE you are using, but Visual Studio has options to disable IntelliSense… there’s a free version also if you don’t have it.

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In most courses (on other sites though) normally the whole project file and resources are available at the start of the section, not at the finish, I didn’t even look at the end of the section as I didn’t expect it. Well, at least that’s something for the next section to keep in mind.
At the moment I don’t use VS as the course is using Monodevelop, so I have set my Unity 5 (I didn’t want to also install 4.x) to use Monodevelop for now (which is sadly a pretty buggy IDE)…
But thanx for the answer.

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At the moment I’m using monodevelop for this course, I have set Unity 5 to automatically start monodevelop instead of VS… But ofcourse I don’t want ALL intellisense to be disabled, haha… I’m just used to the much more stripped down intellisense of the VB6 IDE (enhanced with MZTools6 and our own written addins).

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Quite a few people I see here move quite quickly from MonoDevelop to VS, if you’ve not used it before you will find it’s incredibly similar (incredibly) - but has a lot more functionality. You could always try installing it and then once you finish a section, like Text101 or Block Breaker for example using MonoDevelop, change Unity to use Visual Studio and have a go at editing your scripts in VS, I don’t think you’ll run into many problems. Be aware of line endings though!

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