Why does RotationThrust turn the rocket left?

Hey everyone!

Apologies ahead of time. I looked, but was not successful in finding an answer that my have already been posted, which has covered my question. So at the risk of being flamed and admonished, I will post my question here.

But if it was covered and I just missed it, do please provide me the link.

And I hope I’m posting this in the correct location.

I’m building the Rocket Boost lesson 43 script “Movement” (Unity 3D course) and I’m using the variable ‘rotationThrust’ (a positive number) which is assigned to the rotationThisFrame variable in the ApplyRotation method. ApplyRotation is also using Vector3.forward (a positive number to X direction 0,0,1) - right direction

So, it makes sense to me that vector3.forward will increase X, rotate right. Because X goes right to move up in numbers.

But in Project Boost, when you press the keyboard letter A, your rocket moves left.

Why does the rocket rotate left, if Vector3.forward is also (0,0,1) which means that it’s moving (rotating) the rocket right?

Thanks so much ahead of time for your care and time to assist me in my confusion. :slight_smile:

I don’t get what you’re asking.

It’s hard to know without seeing the code, but pressing A is typically something where you expect a left turn. If you followed the project, it’s supposed to rotate left when you press A.

I figured this out. In Vector3.forward (0,0,1). The number on the right is a Z value, not an X value. (x,y,z). I just need to select the rocket and then look at the rotate gizmo. Now manually increase the Z value, adding to it in a positive direction. Which is what happens when I press A to rotate. And low and behold, the rocket is turning left.

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