Why can´t I render my cloth simulation?


The one pic is a screenshot, the other a rendering, where everything looks distorted.

How can I fix this problem?table jada.blend (1.1 MB)


I am pretty sure this will be the physics are still broken in 2.8 which is why we missed out the old bowling pin physics section.
Once they fix the physics we will be doubling back to do the bowling lectures but its is very likely that as this uses physics then it wont work yet.

Hope this helps


Yes, this has helped. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Does this happen even if Baking the frames without seeing the result before(as in without playing the animation)?


An interesting question!!


Since you found it an interesting question… I tried a new project with 2.8 to test.
And for me it worked… I could even render the animation.
Ignore the squared look maybe needs some tweaking, but anyway this is a render in Eevee.

A box, a plane and a square subdivided (applied the subsurf), baked the Cloth Simulation

Then I Opened your file… and found our problem :smiley:
(maybe a bug too I don’t know)

Apparently if you have a modifier above the Cloth one, the strange behaviour will happen just when Rendering and even baking the Cache before rendering

So if we apply the subsurf that is above the Cloth :smile:

Now, after you apply the subsurf it you may run into a performance issue where the frames for the cache cannot be calculated in real time which will result in an inconsistent animation (you may notice some gaps while playing the animation), then the Bake helps solving this problem :wink:


Thanks Capa,

I havent tried it myself as i think in the version i have its still broken and explains why i had a different issue.
I dont believe this is a bug that that the physics have to be at the top of the stack where normally we would have the sub div at the top.

We will probably find out more in later builds or when they fully release.

Thanks for the catch on this one @capa14

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@irresistiblejelly I think the bowling would work just fine…

Just as curiosity, what I did here was an Array which then I added a Curve modifier, then I applied the array and the curve modifiers and separated the objects.
Set the floor Rigid Body as Passive and the other objects as Rigid Body Active.

Now, I did run into some troubles where I needed to delete the baked cache and bake again sometimes.
Also even without baking sometimes the animation will not play but just by rotating the viewport the next play would make it work.
Anyway… in the end looks like has some bugs but it works

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Thank you Capa for your great help! :grinning:

Everything could be rendered in a perfect way. :slight_smile:

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