Why are mesh tool settings so out of reach?

Why does the window for the mesh tools only appear sometimes?

For instance when i am insetting, i can actually select other faces after I thought to have applied settings, but still edit the settings of the previous inset. Interestingly enough, after playing around with it for a bit, I can no longer acess ANY tool settings for inset even when going in and out of edit mode.

^ A very glitchy inset tool without any configurable properties while working on my model.

When i click on where the tool properties would normally, be, Blender suddenly glitches the properties into the window.

This seems like a very faulty design. There has to be at least some better rules defining tool properties?

after the properties glitched back in, they constantly glitch around in and out all the time still and it is hard to tell what instance they are applying to, if applying at all, if applying properly at all.

3ds max may appear convoluted, but this just seems asinine?

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