Who has Oculus or Vive motion controllers?

And more importantly, do you want to learn how to use them?

  • I’m more interested in other stuff.
  • Interested but don’t have the funds.
  • I’ve got the controllers ready to go!

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Looks like I am first, VR is not VR for me without room-scale or motion controllers. Also I did vote for option 3 which was “I’ve got the controllers ready to go” but it chose “Interested” instead. Now that’s weird.

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I enjoyed VR before receiving my Touch controllers but having hand presence just adds a whole new layer of immersion that, I believe, is essential.

Would love to see this added. Wonder if it would work for Shoot Hoops.

Or a Superhot clone.

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Or this:

Check out “PunchBomb” in Steam. It was developed by one of Ben’s C++ Unreal Students!

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Haha. My GF wouldn’t like this. I already punched her in the head when she got too close when I was playing Superhot and Climb -.-

Strange, I will count you as another for option 3

Yeah I strongly agree with the room-scale and controllers. We have them setup in our company and we enlarged the space three times already to get the most of the VR.
Also we try to educate people in our country about the VR, because most of the companies and people think VR means 360° photographs and videos and are not opened to the real virtual reality.

So here is the follow up question: If you had to choose just one engine for hand controllers, which would you want?

  • Unity
  • Unreal

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