While Extreme Tuning I messed up! Please help with explanation

So while extreme tuning I was adding a lives system to my game but while doing so I thought I deleted the game canvas prefab but it turns out it was the game camera prefab. Since then I have not been able to get anything on my screen to move. I click to launch the ball and then the ball will just stay still the moving blocks do not work and everything is just frozen.
I think this link will show you what I am seeing (if not I will add screenshots of anything you might want to see): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KJ_xayvihnuS7BbABTOfz1hwtytkn5H1
Thanks for any help you can provide!!
Edit: So if you toggle the cursor (hit tab) the game will run as expected. This is due to me setting the time to 0 when the cursor is on, but I have had this line of code for a few weeks now. Why did it only start to affect the game last night?


Unfortunately, I cannot watch the video. It seems as though it is not public.

If you change something in your game, it might always be that something suddenly does not work anymore.

Yeah I added a lives’ system and that is when it stopped working. How would I make the link public so other people can see it?

Comment out the changes until everything is working again. Then remove the comments step by step until your project does not work anymore as expected. The last thing you added is probably causing the problem.

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