Which course is better for me?


Hi! I bought the Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games and I’m following, but I was asking me (and now I’m asking you) if that is the best course for what I’d like to do: I bought that because of the Black Friday because I thought it should be one of the best and more “basic” course, cuz I knew nothing about Unity and C#, and I’m sure I will not regret, but maybe there’s something else more suitable for my purpose:
I’d like to make an on-line game about city-building and resource managment, something like SimCity but with minimum graphics, e.g. an image of the building and a table with its level and production type and times of construction… Maybe then a small map to link different players and make them interact, an UI with datas, resources, army composition…
So here’s the question: is that the right course? Is there a better course for me? Or maybe I can learn alone what I need when I’ll finisch the course, if it’s a simple thing?


Hi Federico, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

“Is this course right for me?” - always a fairly broad question but here goes…

If you have no existing software development experience and want to learn how to make some fairly simple games this is a great course for you, as is its sister course the Unity 3D course. Note, the only division between the two is really the type of games you make, e.g. 2D games in the 2D course, 3D games in the 3D course. Many of the concepts cross over between both courses but both courses also compliment each other nicely too.

If you follow this course exactly what you will not have at the end of it is a city build game, but that’s because none of the projects are about building a city builder styled game. What you will have are some of the skills and understanding that will help you think about how you can build your city builder game.

You could create prefabs for buildings for each, instantiate them at run time, perhaps randomly around a set area (the map) and so on. You will be able to add the concept of a player other other characters/people to interact with. You will gain an understanding of how Unity’s UI works so you will be able to display information to the player within the scene, perhaps how much money they have, or water / power supply etc.

You have bought this course at a really good time as the first 6 sections have just been remastered and are now even more appropriate for Unity 2018 and some of the approaches used in the original course have been replaced with better ones, such as scriptable objects.

So, there may not be a perfect answer to your question. Will this course help you on your journey to building the game you want to build, I would fully expect so yes. What will really steer that though is how much you put into the course. If you just follow along, don’t take the challenges, don’t try to extend each of the course project games you will not learn as much as you could. If you push yourself, even if its just to add one or two unique features to each of the course projects you’ll get much more out of the course and your own skill set will really ramp up.

With your own project idea, try breaking that down into a series of features, things that the game will need to do, you should be able to consider these things now before you even take the course. As you then progress through the course and learn new things you could maybe consider how these could/would map to the features you want to create for your own game. As an example, if you were to place a build in your game then perhaps you need to know about prefabs, assets, player input, GameObject positioning - those are all covered in this course.

I hope the above is of some use and I will look forward to seeing what you create and, in time, your city build styled game as it develops.

All the best and enjoy the course :slight_smile:


What is it I’ll see if I can find it, but Ben has sent out his recommended learning path in the past. You are on the right track start with 2D. It was a great foundational start to learning unity, but you will more than likely also take the 3-D coarse and to further your skills move into the RPG coarse. But again absolutely nothing wrong starting with the tutti course especially if you’re new to unity aunt game development, 2D Math is easier then movement in a 3-D space.


Thanks for the answer and the encouragement!
For now, I can say that this is a great course!


You’re very welcome :slight_smile:


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