Where to find good music for my game (ideally free)?

Hi there, I am currently working on my first game and I don’t know where to find good music for it. I would prefer free music (Creative Commons), but something paid (but cheap) might be OK.
I found something on SoundCloud, but I don’t think it is the best possible. Do you have any tips where I can find good free music? I would prefer something fast and probably kind of electroninc.

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www.freesound.org has some.

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If you find someone on here who can compose music and collaborate with them, then that would be even better. That way you’ve got music for the game, and you’ve got a collaboration partner as well. :slight_smile:

We have a #lounge:collaborate sub-forum for that, go rock it :slight_smile:

Bingo! Definitely a good resource! :smiley:

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