Where should I start?

So, I have all the courses. Have had them for a while but haven’t (lame excuse here) gotten around (lame excuse there) to getting into the courses.

In your opinion. Where do you think I should start? Right from the beginning with the Unity course and work my way through?

I’d say Unity before Physics and VR… there is no reason to not hop across from one course to the other at any point I suppose but by doing the Unity course first I think you’ll get a good foundation to build upon.

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I would start with Unity. And then move on to physics since they are related.

After that whatever takes your fancy! I’m not doing the VR, at least yet, the cost of the equipment isn’t so reachable for me.

Unity seems to be an easier language to work with to me then C++.

Just my .02 worth!


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Cheers guys.

I have Google Cardboard device so would like to have a play at creating content for that at some point.

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I’ve only started on the Unity scripting course and haven’t finished it for similar lame reasons, but my argument would be, are you more interested in programming or in graphics? If it’s the former, do the basic Unity course. If it’s the latter, do the basic blender course.

If someone wants to challenge my logic on that statement, by all means. :slight_smile:


Certainly not a challenge @hypnometal, but when I considered the Blender course, knowing that my artistic talent could be documented with great verbosity, printed fully and still only take up less than the surface of a pin head, I thought to myself, “Maybe I will be able to create something that I can then use in a game I make myself…” - of course this would still hold true if it were around the other way, but then I would have a really awesome 3D model (that was me spouting an air of positivity, cherish it, I have those moments infrequently) with no ability to use it. All depends on the individual I think, no real write/wrong way.

I’m more of a programmer although I do enjoy the thought of being able to produce graphics to a high enough quality!

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From experience, you should consider study first a little programming language. During the course of Unity they say you don’t require prior knowledge, but believe me it’s a great advantage that you know at least the basics, such as: What is a variable, what are the methods, constants, classes, object-oriented programming and their functions.


Thanks @Irving_Viveros

I’m good with programming so I have all that down.


Since you’re already familiar with programming, I suggest the Blender course first. As you get through the various sections of whichever gamedev class you do eventually start, you will want to add your own touch to your games. Homemade graphics and art assets are usually the first thing to announce, “This game is mine. I created it.”


I like your thinking there! @DaveB

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