Where do I find the intro of Mars Marine?

In the first section 3 “Mars Marine” we’re being shown some cool intro screen.
But I couldn’t find the “how to” during the following sections.
Am I missing something?

How can this be done? (Especially the text effect)

I can check but am pretty sure this isn’t included as part of the course. It may have been done originally while prototyping but was cut from the training materials.

Well that’s just tooo bad.

Do you know or have an idea about what to research to get a similar effect with the text?

Let me review it again and I’ll get back to you.

Ok. The text is added most likely with a UI Widget. You can then use the timeline and sequencer to animate the Elements within the Widget.

I can’t be 100% sure but am fairly sure this would be how you’d implement it. When I have time I’ll try it myself.

hey beegeedee

did you already have some time to check how this actually could be achieved?
Since I’m still experimenting and learning I’d love to see a “how it could be achieved”
I don’t need a complete guide just some hints to start.

I know: UI-Widget and probably Sequencer to animate is the way to go. But how would I go for that “nice effect”?

I think there was an animation on the widget but other than that, no. My day job is insanely busy at the moment so not been able to do as much unreal Dev at the moment.

I’ll try take a look tomorrow but I’ve got a mad day tomorrow too.

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