When I use "Array", Stairs counts are increasing in X axis



Dont kknow how to fix it. Please help


hi @imkumar, if you have a look at the array modifier properties, you can see that the three boxes below where the tick mark is for ‘relative offset’, there are three boxes ;
top one is for X
middle one is for Y
bottom one is Z

you can see in yours that there is a 1.0 for X, and 0 for Y and Z.

this means that its offseting 1 in the X direction and 0 in the Y and Z.
so just creating one in the X direction and ignoring Y and Z. and the Count value, indicates how many times is going to offset, or create a new copy ‘offset’ by the values you indicated in the three boxes.

so, looking at the Transform arrows, you want to be going along in the Y and up in the Z direction.

changing the boxes to show, 0 for X, 1.0 for Y and 1.0 for Z, should give you a more like what your after.
but you will have to tweak to follow along with the lecture.
heres a screenshot of what im talking about.
so what I have there will, say from here go one along in the Y, one up in the Z and create a new copy, then repeat this steps for the number of times we stated in Count.


Hi @OboShape, thanks for your suggestion. It works really perfect.


glad to help get you back on track :slight_smile: