When I create a c++ class it doesnt appear in UE

Im doing the building escape section of the unreal course and when i create c++ clases in unreal they dont appear in the project, only in the code

Have you done Tools > Refresh VS Code project within Unreal? Also Live coding thing and terminal check?

I’ve noticed something similar. I suspect that it can take a while from Unreal to compile a new class for the first time. The class appears immediately in VScode, but it takes a few dozen seconds to appear in UE.

It’s only a recent suspicion though and I haven’t validated it yet.

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yes i have done that and it did not work, theres something else i can do?

PS: sorry for the late response I have not been able to use the computer until today

I don’t know why but I turned off my live coding, then compile normal then turn on that again. All of my problems about that are solved.I can say this as an extra.

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