What will I built?

I am coming from Computer Engineering background, but I don’t have experience in making games. I have graduated one year ago.

I don’t have a solid idea yet. I want to choose a very basic easy to implement game idea for my first game project. Because, I am still a beginner, and dont know how to make complex stuff yet. I have to see, what is possible for one person or not.

For now I am considering top down wave defence game with multiplayer support. But, as I said the idea is not solid yet.

Good plan! It’s very important to keep the scope down so that you don’t get demotivated in the long run. How will the game be multiplayer? Coop?

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Yes with coop mode. Like the game “Yet Another Zombie Defence”. In that game players (idealy 4) killing zombie waves and surviving together. Also, of course it can be playable solo. Maybe I can change zombies with something like monsters and trolls. And I want to make some building system in the game so players can build to survive (walls, turrents etc.). Is that game idea good for my first project?

Yes, I think the scope is good. Look at building the absolute core of the game first. At each stage get it playable then ask yourself “what’s not fun about this?”.

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Ok very good advice :+1: Thank you for your time !