What will I build? Good question

Howdy all,

I plan on dealing with a real-time session based game then moving onto turned based.

I graduated in computer science for games last year and now wanting to add projects to my portoflio so I can land a job. Little bit rusty after taking a break from coding so also getting back into it.

I intend to make something similiar to super mario party, in terms of mini games where you can compete agaisnt your friends. 2 - 4 players based. After that I’ll then be making a turned based game unsure of what that would be. Something similiar to advance wars or perhaps a unique twist on the tower defence genre who knows.

The troubles I forsee is my lack of knowledge but that can always be improved over time but also I need to keep it within scope and not get to ambitious. I also get easily distracted so need to make sure I stay focused xD