What key features should you create?

To create a job board site, you have to think about two groups of features - for employees and for candidates. Some of them may overlap, but the user path will still be different. What key features should you create?

How do I create a job portal site with more advanced features? Once your startup is mature enough, consider adding the following features to make it more competitive and attractive. I suggest you explore here https://binerals.com/blog/how-to-create-a-job-search-engine-like-indeed-or-glassdoor
I’ll only write a small percentage of what I know.
Salary Calculator. This is an attractive tool that helps users match their expectations to the reality of the marketplace. Consider adding suitable job postings that fit the candidate based on their calculations.

Choosing custom development services is the only right strategy in this case, as it’s the only way to make a fully customizable, scalable, unique and technically powerful job search platform.
When choosing a future development provider, look for those who have experience building job search systems and a practical understanding of how to create a social networking application from scratch.