What is this rounding lesson i dont understand anything

you said that i dont need any math skills and your not making any sense in the rounding lesson so i didnt understand anything you said ok why I should never buy this math course it is just waste of money any way please make your course more understandable i didnt understand anything about rounding lesson thats why i buyed and iam stuck you gamedev.tv


I appreciate when you get stuck in a course that it is super frustrating and i completely understand as i started here as a student like yourself so i understand the frustration when you arent understanding the concepts.
We do listen to our students and if you can talk through the issue we can see if we need to review the lecture to make improvements to help with your learning journey, We constantly strive to improve the quality of learning.

If you could please refrain from using bad language as we do operate a PG-13 policy and so there may be minors here I would appreciate it greatly.

@garypettie Could you see if you can help this student with the concepts in this lecture and look to review if it need a bit of further clarifications please.

Any issues please do not hestitate to contact me

Marc Carlyon
GameDev.tv Support Leader

Hi @Muhammed_Hadi.T,
I’m sorry to hear that you found this lesson confusing.

The basic idea behind rounding is to shorten a number and get rid of any digits that we don’t really care about.

For example, we may have the result from some calculation that includes a bunch of decimal points. However, we may only care about the whole number part - usually to make it easier to write down or display.

When this need arises, we can use rounding to remove any of unnecessary digits.

Let’s imagine that we did some calculation that resulted in the answer 3.75, and we want to round this to a nearby whole number.
The two most likely candidates would be to round it to either 3 or 4, so which one do we chose?

This is where the techniques I mention in the video come in but traditionally this would be rounded to 4.

I hope this helps clarify things but if you have any specific questions regarding the rounding techniques covered in the video then please do let me know.

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