What is that light in the darkness?


Hi everyone !
I was playing around in blender 2.8 and I made this !
Please tell me what you think about it :grinning: !


Flipping awesome :open_mouth:


That’s neat, cute character and LOTR reminiscent.

Did you find any tools or features you used in 2.8 different or better than if you’d gone about it in 2.79?


Thank you !
I did not use it a lot until now and I’m not an expert in blender so I can’t really tell you about features but I love the new interface and the new render engine EEVEE!
I know that they implemented a new way of managing objects with the collections (see here) and I find it really useful, you have your original objects in one collection and the scene you wanna build in another and then you tweak between with a single button :smile:


NICE! i always love low poly art in blender