What is a game designer?

I have called myself in college a game designer primarily all the time. But yet, game designers need to know and do a lot. I have looked up higher end game designer jobs and they say you have to be creative as well as know a programming efficiently and yet in college, I didn’t get that perspective at all. My question to you is what really is a game designer(broad to detailed definitions)? If you would like to see some of my games that I did while I was in college my website is http:\brockrdavis.com.

Since i’m such a nerd the title was making me think of that classic line from one of the Castlevania games.

“What is a man? A miserable pile of secrets!”

I have no perfect answer, but here’s how Extra Credits describe what a Game Designer is:

Game Designer

It has the best ideas for what to focus on, the realities of being a Designer and even tips on what you need to focus on when looking for work.

There are other guides on there for different parts of the group and why I am more interested in going solo then being a part of a company due to not having input in story and such. Plus my grammer isn’t too good…

However I wish you luck on your path and hope the above video helped as I have no real experiences to draw from in that area.

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I have watched this in college and still I need to learn a lot to be qualified for a true game designer! It’s my dream to become one too so! Thanks for the response!

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I was looking at a game designer course awhile back and I got the impression that the game designer was responsible for the story elements, working with the graphic artists in how the game will look, then how the gameplay will work. You are expected to be able to use whatever graphics packages you will be using, and being familiar with the game engine you will be using to quickly mock-up stages or ideas … but by no means an expert in either because that’s not your job, then when you get to tell everyone what to do - that really appealed to me :rofl:.

Sort of a jack of all trades and lord and master over the programmers, graphic designers and audio dudes. You are also the one responsible for how good or bad the games turn out and if a bigger studio is involved liaising between higher management and your group, trying to to sell your ideas to the higher-ups making your vision of a given game a reality.

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