What inspired you the most this year?

My beautiful wife proposed post this great question, so what is it for you?

You and this community actually. Inspired me to get back at it, which i shall be doing pretty soon!

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Outside of further learning/Unity I would have to say my son. Due to all of the things that I have been going through I have had considerably more time with him which has enabled me to really support him more than ever with his revision for sats. He has gone from. Not enjoying maths because he found it hard to now enjoying it because he “gets it”.

Other than that, it’s not really inspiration as such, but the 18 month battle with my employer has pushed me in many directions throughout that time, but I have remained vigilant and true to the cause - honest and integrity. Sadly they had neither. It has shown me that there is a lot more to life than just an income and that it is possible to survive when that income is significantly reduced/stopped.

Back to Unity - Ben’s book got me back into Unity after a 12 month break (because of the above) and it inspired me to dabble again.

…and these very forums. There are so many awesome students from such varying locations around the world, different ages, sexes, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs - yet here, everyone one can come together and share something positive, with no other agendas, all treating each other nicely, politely and with mutual respect. This has been one of the most inspiring, and refreshing. things I have personally experienced in quite a while.

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I’d have to say volunteering at CoderDojo has made a big difference to me this year. I don’t say it as a humblebrag - seeing how much fun the kids have learning to code and making games has hugely inspired my own determination to build my studio. Every time I start feel the motivation lacking, the kids teach me another reason why making games is awesome.

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