What if you don't like the default "center" of an object?

So, one thing that drives me crazy is that the … what is it? Reference point maybe, for an object is based on what you started with. For example, in the wedge, it is placed at the centre of the cube you start with.

I would much rather be able to say “the center of this face”, or, “this particular vertex”, is the reference point. Is that possible? I can see there might be drawbacks…

Hi Almaniac,

Later in the course you will learn you can change the origin of the object. This is the “reference point” you refer to. That way you will learn how to utilize grid, snapping of vertexes, edges and faces etc. Also manipulation of the object (scale, rotation etc) based on origin or other pivot point for that matter.

Quick instructions (windows):

SHIFT + S = 3D cursor to selected. First select vertex, edge or face and then SHIFT + S, which allows you to move the 3D cursor to your selected object.

CRTL + SHIFT + ALT + C = Set origin. This allows you to manipulate the origin of the object. You can choose different options but if you select origin to 3D cursor this moves the origin to your 3D cursor and the object you selected with SHIFT + S.

Now you have moved the origin and doing an object translation by setting the Z to 0 will move the object so that your new origin (of the object) is exactly on the Z plane (0).

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

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