What Games will you be Playing over Christmas!?


Myself I should get started with Nier Automata, since Kingdom Heart 3 was delayed till the end of JAN :rage:

Have a great Christmas Everyone!

All the best



I’ve been playing Brawl Stars on my phone. It’s fun when you play with people who know what their doing.


I tried “Happy Families”

…but lost!


Once I get rid of this flaming cold that came to visit me on Xmas Eve, i will be trying to play BF5 on the PS4 badly for a couple of days before the new year drags me back to reality…


I do hope you mean the usual scenario, when every grown up cheats at new board games…


…you’d think! :wink:

Happy “days before New Years but after Xmas” Daz - hope you had a good 'un :slight_smile:


My Memory of Us. it should be fun


I’ve been getting back into X-Com.