What Do You Use To Create Bump Maps?

This is a curiosity question. Is anyone creating their own Bump Maps? If so, what software are you using to create them?

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@Morgaine_Christensen I’ve had this link loaded up for weeks just waiting for someone to ask this question :wink:

This program pretty much does everything for you, lets you tweak the final results, save the bump map or save all the pictures used to create it in a different program, AND the interface is pretty much bare-bones making it REALLY simple to use. Oh, and it’s freeeeeee! :slight_smile:

Here’s the link: http://crazybump.com/

Pretty sure youtube has some in-depth tutorials about using it.


Thanks for the info! I been using both Crazybump & Photoshop & PixPlant for various and different map but, I am curious what else might be out there and folks are using. So, two votes for Crazybump it seems :poultry_leg:

I use crazybump, it’s perfect for me.

I had CrazyBump installed, but now it’s asking me for registration. Which is fair, I think!.
But now I discovered that Photoshop also has a 3D normal map generator.
So I switched over to Photoshop.

Photoshop works but, I think I like Crazy Bump a bit better since I think it is more intuitive than Photoshop.

I’ve used Filter Forge bump map filters within Photoshop to create bump maps. Filter Forge can also be used as a standalone app, if you’re using Gimp or another 2D graphics app, rather than Photoshop.

You can check it out here --> Filter Forge

Oh, and it’s on sale for one more day, if anyone’s interested. :wink:

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