What are you excited to implement in Game Kit?

  1. I’m looking forward to learn more about Unity.
  2. Those triggers seem very useful.
  3. I’m interested in adding more varied enemies.
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Hopefully the tips I give you, especially in section 3, prove useful for you.

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  1. Trigger slow-motion
  2. Create a weapon system
  3. Implement Day/Night events

I’m hoping to build my skills with the engine first off, and building a level seems to be a great way to do that. I also want to learn some basic ideas about level design for the future, and hopefully be able to add a door that opens and unleashes a group of enemies.


As a 3D artist I’m mainly interested in learning about importing my own objects and characters, setting up collisions, and getting a character running around. I’ll worry about more after I’ve done that.

  1. Combat system
  2. Enemy AI
  3. Level Design
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1- Escape room
2- RPG
3- Lessons for my students on a virtual environment.

  1. Environment design
  2. Interacting NPC’s, other than just combat
  3. Inventory system
  1. Learn how to animate
  2. Learning the basics on game design
  3. Publishing my first game
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Hi @Rick_Davidson and students!

Just finished the really useful @Michael_Bridges 's Blender Environment Artist: Create 3D Worlds From Scratch course, so I would like to implement what I learnt there:

  1. Environment generation with PBR materials, cool lighting and detailed scenery.
  2. A little more complex NPC interaction than combat, such as a dialog tree.
  3. Power ups that give the character new habilities (jump higher, run faster or stronger attacks).

What are the three things I’m most excited about in this class to learn:

  • Make a full game from scratch to finish
  • Make different genre games and make a rpg game
  • Create a multiplayer game to play with my friends
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1.) Trigger the cutscene camera view change.

2.) Combination attacks

3.) Enemy AI (especially how the spitters run away and attack from distance)

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Top three things I am most excited about are:

  1. Good level design
  2. Triggers for events
  3. Creation of weapons
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  1. Making intresting character
  2. Combat system
  3. Interacting with environment
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  1. I want to make 3 game level you can get acces through puzzles
  2. Make a few more Weapons for switch and use for puzzles
    3 Improve character over time , little bit Metroid style. Pick up something and you can double jump or something
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I want to get familiar enough with the Unity engines to be able to make games as gifts for the people I love who are gamers. That means for my year old son, and for my husband, who loves to play video games. What better present for someone than a personalized game?


Best wife / mother ever!

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For me the number one thing is to just get familiar with using Unity.
But if I’d have to choose beyond that then:

  1. Creating and implementing puzzles and riddle solving.
  2. Character customization or multiple character choices.
  3. Vast and compelling areas /worlds.
  1. Making something in the horror genre.
  2. Using the triggers for activating different kinds of thing to happen all at once.
  3. And inventory.
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In addition to just making a functioning game, I’m excited to learn about:

  1. Object and level clipping
  2. Enemy AI
  3. Triggering on-screen text