Werewolf bunny

well its a good thing Mike said we wouldn’t be spending much time with this technique because the results are a bit… odd.

Also had trouble getting a nice effect with the tail hair, but I didn’t spend much time with this because he said not to.


anybody know if there’s a simple way to increase the thickness of the hairs?

Can’t help there ( I am still at the lamp, starting the animation part, like the slowpoke i am :)), I just wanted to mention that THIS bunny from hell surely needs glowing red eyes :rofl:. I like it a lot.

Lol i didn’t think of doing that. I’ll play around with it during the final scene.

I am a slowpoke too, I just spend alot of time trying to get at it until eventually I stick to it for a number of hours. But compared to others I am probably taking longer then needed. Plus sometimes there are things you need to do that take you away from the work. (or even getting distracted by other kinds of work)

BTW, it seems to my knowledge there is no way to increase the thickness of the hairs with this method.(they are probably rendered differently then in game engines, where of which the lines are actually two perpendicular planes criss crossed.)

However in the video after this one on weight painting, you will realize you can make painted sections overlap and thus make hairs criss cross as needed to cover things from different angles.

Also a tip you can mirror hair brushing and weight painting by ticking X Mirror. But he never mentions this. In weight paint this option is in the options tab.


@Joydeep_Biswas According to urban dictionary, you are trying to tell me “Nice!” in geeky Korean gaming language.

Ya I know. but the real question is why ur speaking like a robot. :slight_smile:

welp because I was gonna ask wtf u were talking about but decided to do research first. It seems this Naiasu meme thingy has consumed you; lol. Are you like actually Korean or?

according to google translate Naisu is actually japanese

I’m Indian and no , no meme has consumed me. I just happen to play a lot of overwatch where this term is used often.
I’m going to stop replying now. feel like we are going overboard with a stupid word.
Good Day!

lol, you are consumed by the meme!

I’m getting there… !

more work on this tomorrow

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