Welcome To The Unity Challenge Club! (And, A Question For You...)

Challenge Club helps you get better at Game Development by providing you with weekly challenges where you fix and improve game projects.

Everyone is welcome, however we recommend that you’ve completed at least a few sections of one of our Complete Unity Developer courses (or equivalent Unity learning) before joining Challenge Club.

Because this is a club for people interested in practicing and improving their game dev skills we ask that everyone is supportive and kind to one another. Be generous with your hints but careful with your spoilers, and remember that there are many, many ways to solve a challenge.

And we have a QUESTION FOR YOU: what type (genre) of game are you most interested in solving challenges for? Let us know in the comments below.

Good luck!

(If you’re a member of Challenge Club and can’t see the reply button for this post please email support@GameDev.tv and we’ll get this sorted for you :slight_smile: )


I quite enjoy FPS type games, solving those would be quite fun :slight_smile:


I am interested in RTS type of challenges to solve for.


I’m interested in turn based games, those should be interesting to solve


I’d be interested in tackling a turn-based game too.

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I would be interested in all of those and then thought what about

  • A retro game like Pacman for people who are new to Unity
  • Turn based Xcom style for intermediate
  • A Battle Royale style maybe local 4 player for advanced?