Welcome to "Bull Cow Wrap Up"

Wow-what a great section. What did you find good about it? What did you find difficult?

I always appreciate feedback :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for that great section really learned a lot. What found most difficult was probably for loops though not that hard. Was mostly me just messing up syntax most of the time. Anyway here is all my code it’s all up on github https://github.com/Reetro/Bulls-And-Cows. I modified it bit added a few more functions to it. May be a bit over engineered but I figured I needed to practiced syntax.

Thanks that was a good way to get back into Unreal.

Here is another version. https://github.com/Velcronator/BullCowGameUnreal.git

I’ve added some other features like a hint can be selected by pressing D (for Debug) which is very blatant. Also the lives are dependent of the word length.

@Reetro the link doesn’t go anywhere unfortunately.

Woohoo! Finally finished this section!! That was fantastic. It’s really been awesome having a great instructor like you helping the process along, Michael. Sincerest thanks to you and everyone who is putting together all the course content. It has inspired me to re-enroll in college and return to my original passion in programming. Couldn’t be happier that I found such an incredible course.

The only feedback I can provide was that the explanation of Structs (chapter ~79) felt rushed- and I still don’t understand the mechanics behind how we could simply create a new Score struct. I understand what’s happening and how I can use it, but not how it’s happening. On another topic, the memory usage section was pretty difficult to understand.

That being said, I have Google-Fu XD
Nothing that some research can’t help along, really. All in all, it’s phenomenal content. Can’t wait for more!

Nice work.

Don’t worry about structs. We only touched upon them right at the end.
There will plenty of other opportunities to use them :-).

This section was great, the for loop part was pretty hard in the beginning though, I spent days trying to think of a solution for it.

I also gave myself an challenge where I have to make some Difficulty Selection for the game but that didn’t go well. I plan to try again in the future though.

I enjoyed that course quite a lot. I think it adds more knowledge on C++ after the basic first project, but it also teaches a lot about unreal interface, types, etc.

I added an option for the user to get an hint of the isogram if he has less than 3 lives, by typing a keyword set in the header for more flexibility. A possible evolution for this would be to give a number of random letters the word has, the number depending on the length of the word.

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Glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Great section, Thank you so much, Heading for Building escape right now

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I Just finished this section, so far so good and everything is amazing, thank you so much.

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Lots of great review. I’m an amateur game prototyper/dabbler, and would like to prototype something serious and possibly make money. Since I have no background in coding and am almost entirely self-taught, I avoided Unreal Engine because I was scared of C++; however, Michael did a great job of explaining things, and I surprised myself by completing almost every challenge (I typed “continue” after counting cows)! Looking forward to the rest of the course, and will probably buy the Blender environments course at some point in the future!