Welcome Everyone!



Hi, my name is Kel. I’m a high school student looking to use course to help me learn to use blender and add to my portfolio for college.


Hey everyone!

I’m a writer and literature student with a passion for video games.
I’ve enrolled here to create custom 3d-assets inspired by my writing.

Additionally, I am taking one of gamedev’s classes on UE4, ultimately hoping to create a game or two of my own.

Have fun, everyone, and fruitful learning!


Hello from Epic Worx.


hello, my name is Jacob abels from Spicewood,TX. i am currently attending TSTC in Waco,TX. I am graduating in April with an degree in building construction technology. I am here to learn blender for a hobby of mine which is 3D modeling and printing


I’m Don and looking to delve into the world of 3d modeling and game/level design!

Hailing from Harrisonburg, VA!


Hello all. I’m Patrick from California. I dabble in Unity and Roblox to make little games for my kids. Thought this could be a fun way to make those games better.


im new! just started the course.


Thanks. A struggle I and the research scientists always have is the level of accuracy we need to convey in the illustration. A lot of it comes down to where the illustration will be viewed. It’s a balancing act of often making the work accessible to the largest audience without making the science “wrong” in the eyes of the experts. I’m working on something now regarding optics and quantum mechanics where I have a lot of discretion because quantum states are so odd and have no visual language yet. My direction from the profs has been “something cool and weird.” It’s certainly interesting. Once I get through the basics in this course I’m going to take one of the Blender courses that deals with astronomical renderings. I’ve been doing a fair amount of space work here too and being able to render versions of Earth, Mars, and other celestial objects at different points in history would be helpful. I never like having our researchers rely on stock imagery. I always find original stuff to be more compelling.


Dad power! While I’m doing this for work, I’m hoping I’ll learn enough to make some custom designed Playmobil or Star Wars accessories for my son that I can 3D print at Shapeways or print on my own. :slight_smile:


Hello from NJ! I’m Meghna and I’m in my fourth year of college pursuing a degree in game design. I have played around with blender before but I realized I needed help which is why I am in this course. I am looking forward to learning!


Hi everyone, my name is Zsóka, I’m 29 and I’m from Hungary. I completed blenderguru’s beginner tutorial series on youtube over the weekend and decided to dig further into Blender. Recently I try to serve my passion for creation and discover what I like to do the most. My daily job is not related to any form of art, but I hope it will change one day.


Hello everyone. My name is David. I am new to this programme and usemy. I am wanting to learn 3d modelling skills to use towards jewellery making.


Hello everyone, my name is Hugo, i’m from México, glad to be here, i’ve been doing some Blender tutorials from Youtube as a hobby and wanted to take a course to better use Blender as i’m starting with Unity/VR projects as well.


Hi udemy Blender course community! My name is Drew Sziraky, and I am from the southwest united states. I look forward to learning more about blender and getting further into the program. thanks for setting up this forum for us to network.


Hello everyone, im so excited to take my next steps down this path. im from the southwest united states. hope to see you all through the course.


I haven’t gotten into the world of 3d printing but it sounds great! Best of luck!


hello I am a creator on secondlife looking to learn new skill sets to grow my gaming business love to learn and work and collaborate with others


Hi there,
I’m Ragad from KSA and I’m very excited to be starting this course ,and hopefully become a pro by the end of it!


Hello I am Thomas (the great and humble) I founded and own Darkminer Productions. My goals are meager all I want is to become the greatest filmmaker of all time, and subsequently take over the world!

I expect this course will greatly help my plans of world domination. :grin:


Emiel, 24, from South Africa… I just want to create some great gaming mods