Welcome Everyone!



My name is Ally, I am from Australia and am about to begin my Bachelor of Game Design so I am here to familiarise myself with blender and other programs that I will be using at University


Hello all,
My name is Chris, I’m from Ottawa Canada. I’ve been dabbling with 3d modeling and animation for a few years. I’m quite comfortable with Maya and ZBrush. However, as much as I love Maya, as a hobbyist, I can’t really afford the cost of it. Blender was a great option, but the interface is well… quite different. I’m currently working on several short animations and wish to learn Blender in order to make them become a reality.


Hello everyone! My name is Jose, but y’all can call me Zytten (pronounced like zee-ten, kinda). I’m from Mexico and I’m currently a computer systems engineering student. However, I’ve been using that career since day one as a stepping stone to develop games. My main goal with learning how to model is to have the know-how to fulfill the artistic vision of an indie game that has been constantly invading my thoughts.

I hope all of you, too, achieve the goal you’ve wished to achieve with the help of this course.


Hello there!

I’m Pavan, a Game Dev from India. I’ve been working as an Engineer for the past few years and would like to try my hand at 3D modeling. Maybe I could use something that I make in one of my games in the future.


Hello everyone! Hoping to learn to make quality assets for my games.


Hello everybody, my name is Sarah and I am from Germany. :relieved:

This is my first Blender course (and in fact my first Udemy course at all) and I am really happy that I found it. I am so excited to learn a lot more about Blender and 3D animations in general.

At the moment I am studying film and tv productions. In the future I would really love to direct and create my own animated movies. So that is kind of a big goal to reach but I guess this is a good first step!


Hello guys,

My name is Luis, my goal is to start a new career as graphics designer and start offer my services.


Hello Guys, my name is Gary im currently learning Unity and Blender and this is my first challenge!


Hello everyone,
My name is Liz, and I live in the United States.
I’ve always had a passion for animation, 3D animation in particular. I started my college journey seeking a degree in 3D animation but insufficient and disparaging comments from a professor discouraged me for many years.
While I’ve dabbled with 3D in the years since then, this is my first official course in Blender. I’ve done a few BlenderGuru and Sebastian Lague tutorials on YouTube.
I look forward to finally starting the journey of mastering Blender and allowing my creative ideas to have an outlet.



Hey, Everyone Im Jovani! I have a big passion for gaming and 3d animation. I’m looking forward to learning blender and turning my passion into a career !


Hey everyone!

Syazwi here, i’m big into gaming and 3D/2D Art and Animation, starting this course to hopefully be good enough to start modeling for games (from modding, not directly to game development, gotta start small!) and doing 3D Animation as well, hope it all works out!


Hello! My name is Denis, and i want to create new worlds :slight_smile:


Just getting back into modelling for 3D printing. I think I’ve gone as far as I can with primitives in TinkerCAD as I’ve managed to crash the program a few time with too many polys in a build. Also doing organic curves, lofting, extrusions and such are beyond its scope. shrugs Onto more functional things.
Blender has a huge support community and its facility is great it’s just not intuitive. I’ve poked and prodded but the interface always got me down in the end. I’ve gotten hung up on YouTube vids as there really isn’t any push back to get things done. I’ve also not been holding my feet to the fire to go forward either so I hope this will help. :slight_smile:
Onward and upward!


Hello from Takamatsu, Japan!

This is my first Udemy course and my first stab at 3D art. I’m currently teaching in English in Japan, but have always been drawing and creating art since I was young. Since the world is increasingly moving toward digitizing everything, I want to learn how to create 3D art so I can some day work as an artist or designer in some capacity.

Thank you, Ben and Michael, for creating this class. I’m excited to learn something new and finally get some “marketable” skills.


This sounds so familiar :smiley: I studied media design back in 2006… when my class started learning 3d stuff in 3dsMax I got completely discouraged by my professor as well! It made me eventually even quit college… But I’m back on track now with Blender :slight_smile: You will have a lot of fun with this course. I just started working on section 4 and still loving it!

Good Luck!


Hello from Brisbane, Australia.

I’m familiar with 3D graphics theory and programming, but I’d like to gain some proficiency on the “content” side of things also. I think I’d like to explore proceduralism with blender in particular. I also have some interest in geospatial and mapping applications - terrain, built environment, remote sensing.


Hi Mike, I’ve always had an appreciation for the sort of scientific illustration I might come across in New Scientist or Scientific American. I’m not a trained illustrator, but as a graduate student writing research papers I definitely felt like illustration done right could be more informative, or at least supportive of writing. In 3D graphics we’re constantly grappling with “good enough” and trade offs concerning aesthetics and literal or numerical accuracy. Computer graphics can convey information about large datasets, but still seems to require a mastery of a variety of domains - perception, colour interpretation (hot vs cold, light vs dark) and scene composition. I guess one thing I’d point to is the modern Cosmos series for popularising current scientific understanding.


Hello, again :blush:

I started this course a year ago, very enthusiastically, using my Mac Book Pro 2011, but when I got to the bunny lesson my mac started to “melt” on each rendering. It got very hot and not even 3 external vents was helping, still I managed to end the bunny lesson, when I started the Gothic Church lesson, I got 2 problems, the use of another program to manage my files confused me a lot. I tried to do all that managing files in new folder system in my computer with the same logic. But I got lost at some point. I know it is important for those who are going to be working with blender in a professional field. But for me it totally useless and well. It just confused me. In addition to this my Mac started to “dislike” blender and crashed almost every time I tried to render things. So I stopped my course.

Now I got a new computer this Christmas, A Predator Helios 500, which I expect be enough for running blender with no problems.

But I found another problem now, all the shortcuts and tools are different for a PC, and I was so used to Mac, I think I have to relearn all, so I am going to restart the Course from the very beginning. Why not?

Hello to all of you who start the course! I can say it is a very fun one, and you all are going to enjoy it very much!`

Hope you have the patient to re answer my questions and doubts.

Thank you, (all the team) for your patience.


Hi, I’m Anna!

My goal is to learn 3D modelling to bring my hobbyists illustrations to full 3D, and have fun with it.


Yeah, I really loved by 2011 MBP, but it there is some point where it’s necessary to “upgrade” to the current generation of hardware. But I still miss the 2011 keyboard!