Welcome Everyone!




I’am Magnus. I have used Blender before, but never had a proper introduction to the software. Im taking this course to improve my skills for game development.


Hello! My name is Ahliya and I’m a high school student from the USA. I hope to learn to make simple settings and animations and improve my artistic ability and expand it into a different realm of art.


Hi my name is Egor. I’am 10 years old I have been doing 3D modelling and programming and I would like to bring my designs to life.



I’m Sly. Currently looking to improve my skills in different areas. I’ve been focused on game dev as a project. What a great way to start other then with 3D modeling and assets within blender.


hello , I’m onur I want to learn 3d modelling and one day I want to work in a gamedev company


Hey everyone,

I am Randy and I always had an interest in 3D modeling. I played around with 3D studio years ago and would like to pick it back up and see where it takes me. I would like to eventually develop a skillset and use it to develop games and come up with designs to test out 3D printing.


Hello there! My name is Joseph Löbb, and I am a beginner in the world of Blender. I started using Blender last Christmas, and have since made a few things using tutorials. Here’s my latest project, which I’m currently using as the header photo on my Twitter page! My goal is to master blender’s features and apply them to marketing/advertising as well as my own projects– professionally and for fun. Cheers!


Hello from Chicago! My name is Matthew Espinosa and I am new to Blender, but eager to learn! I am a student in Mechanical engineering who practices traditional art and I look forward to sinking my teeth into these lessons to expand my capabilities and knowledge on generating models and designs through this program! I intend to master this program to the best of my abilities to provide a strong foundation for my craft, be it technical or artistic, so that I may use what I learn for my profession, commissioned work, and personal projects. Wish me luck!


Hello! Ry from Seattle, just lookin to try something new and blender seemed a good and practical idea since I can use it for my games.


Hey All,
I’m Corderio and I’m in architecture school. I feel that blender would look good on my resume and I would really like to learn 3d modelling. Hope I learn a lot in this udemy class and looking forward to it.


Hi Everyone!

I’m Jenn and recently past my masters in Fine Art (media) I have a background in photography and film. Looking forward to learn blender and use this knowledge in my own art practice. I have a special interest VFX and modelling.


Hello, you can call me FilipPaul!

I am a beginner in Blender, and I want to learn more on how I can make better 3D models. I have already taken some Blender courses on YouTube, but I think I might have an easier time learning from a paid course on Udemy. The reason I’m taking this course is less on how to use Blender, but more on making me more comfortable with making more impressive 3D models. Although learning how to use Blender isn’t my particular focus, I am excited to learn about more things I can use the software to do. One of my favorite things about Blender is how it can render stunning visuals with little effort, I hope to have a great time learning more on how I can improve myself in 3D modeling!


Hi my name is Buck, struggled in just finding this area to say hello. I am an artist and want to be more digital with my work.


Hi everyone,
My name is Alexandre and I’m form Portugal. I’m taking a course of
management and programming of computer systems and I am interested in learning 3D animation because I am studying 3D modelling in one of my subjects and I realized that I really like to do it so I’m taking this course to help me in my 3D animation skills.
I can’t wait to get started.


Hello everyone; this is my first course in Udemy so I’m new to all of this.
I’ve had some experience with Blender for about a year now and want to improve. As of now, blender is only a hobby for me. I’ve also joined this class to see if I’m able to do just as well as being in a face-to-face class.

I’m looking forward to learning more about blender and being able to go out of my comfort zone. Thank you Ben and Michael for making this class.


Hi! I’m a begginer in blender, my name is Esteban and I’m very much anticipating to meet the community!


Hi all! I’m Mike from Rochester, NY. I’ve been a graphic designer and illustrator for more than 25 years, but I’ve run out of 2D tricks for the science research illustrations I need to make for the university where I work, and the clients have been requesting more and more 3D work. I tried getting into it with Cheetah3D but didn’t really get anywhere, so a colleague recommended Blender, and here I am. :slight_smile:

Also, hopefully I’ll learn enough to make a few custom Playmobil accessories for my son using the 3D printer at work too. :wink:


Michael here, from Texas. I have a background in printmaking, painting and drawing, as well as teaching college art and curatorial practices. Currently I am starting work as a high school art teacher. I want to work with Blender to learn animation, and to create models for 3d printing, and as an outlet for digital art.


Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m a portuguese computer science student and i’m really interested in 3d modeling and animation.
Although I’ve worked with other modelling softwares before, I’m a beginner in Blender and this will be my first Udemy course. I believe that blender is a very complete engine and i’m looking forward to deepen my knowledge in it and create my own projects with the skills i obtained.


Hello. Am from the UK and am hoping to learn Blender to support teaching 3D graphics, animation and game development.