Welcome Everyone!



Hi my name is Cyndi. I am in North Carolina. I recently discovered that I really enjoy making 3D models and decided to take this course to learn more about how everything in Blender works. Who knows maybe it will lead to a career change.


My name is Clayton. I am a very experienced Udemy user. I love building anything whether it be in the real world or building software. I currently work as a Javascript developer, but I love learning about everything. You would not be wrong if you referred to me as an information-junkie. My latest craze is game-building. I have a goal/idea of creating my own Real Time Strategy game, and obviously Blender is going to be a huge part of that. Super excited to get started.


Hello! My name is Patrick, and I’m a retired architect. I wish to continue my career-long love affair with CAD, BIM, modeling, animation, and rendering software. Should be a fun experience!


hi everyone
my name is claudio i’m from chile and i’m very exited to learn more about blender
i’m not really aiming forward to work on the 3d industry or something like that but i would like to see how far i can get with blender as a hobby
my main interests are character design and enviroment creation
also it’d be fine to know new people and share interests
so good luck


Hello everyone… DIY guy from finland. I love creating stuff. I need blender mainly for 3D printing purposses.


Hi - Greetings from the NE US. We are a mother and son taking the course together. My son is 11 and interested in learning CGI and wants to do 3D modeling for movies. He is very creative and I am excited for him to be able to model his many ideas. He has been working in Blender for a few months and making a lot of progress. I am along for the ride and am a complete beginner.


Hey everyone! My name is Ivana and I’m from Croatia. Decided to take this course to learn something new and I have to say I’m really enjoying it so far. :smile:


Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! Learning Blender to make Unity game assets. Just a hobby for now, but you never know …


Hello everyone, i am chris, My passion is video games, competing and more recently a desire to create games, i alredy completed university not on game development so i want to use this to drive my learning forward and independently learn, i am excited to learn 3d creation, assets, environment in particular, and develop particle skills to eventually develop a living breathing game world.


Hello World!
My name is Michael and I really just want to learn to make great art in blender. It would be great to be a part of a game development team one day.

Have a nice day!


Hi, my name is Mary, I hope I can make animation some day.


HI , my name is Marcel and i hope to learn to make great things with blender and become a game devolper some day :+1::grinning:


Hello! I am hoping to start animating creatures and especially dinosaurs. I know a lot about them and I’m hoping to be able to animate and explain dinosaurs on Youtube. Thank you!




Hello everyone!
I am a secondary school teacher, teaching Design Technology. Looking to add a 3D modelling club to our provision so I’m wanting to learn Blender. I am hoping with experience it might lead to other career opportunities. Looking forward to constructive criticism.
From Cheshire, UK.


Hi guys!
My name if Federico and I’m a software engineer, my daily job is to create app for iOS and Mac.
I have a passion for motorcycles and I want to be able to create 3D models of my ideas/components for the motorcycle world and then print them with 3D printers or online services.


Helloes! I’m Joseph, and I’m taking this course oddly enough because I wanted to make 2D animation, but with the benefits of 3D animation’s ease of use. really just a pet project, but yeah.


Hello guys

My name is Agustin. I always loved video games so now I want to be able to animate and create them. I am looking forward to this course and eager to learn.



Mi name is Joseduardo, I’m from Mexico and I’m studying Applied Physics. For my thesis we are developing a virtual reality laboratory to explain some physic phenomena, therefore it’s mandatory to be able to model whatever we want to represent in the virtual world.

Greetings :slight_smile:


Hello, Just started the course and wanted to say hello. I am from Texas and looking to create my own assets for my Unity and Unreal Engine games since assets seem to cost a lot on the stores and other sites that have them. Plus it’s hard to find the assets for certain things so I thought it would just be better to make my own.


Jonathan Reeves