Welcome Everyone!



Heyo, I’m Jacob from Portland, Oregon, trying to get into some VR development because well, it’s the future!


Hello, I am Vanessa from Australia. I just currently finished a degree in the Games field and now working on learning about the different programs used for Games development. My goal is now to begin learning new software and continue to become proficient in 3D modelling and texturing, learning about all the components needed to be a good 3D artist in general. Good luck to everyone on this journey and best wishes :+1:.


Hello Folks,

I am a filmmaker from Canada and am currently working on my latest project… which looks like it will require some 3d work.

After calling some VFX companies and grabbing a few quotes I realized that at my level, I think I am going to have to do this myself.

Here goes…


I’m Cory. Been wanting to learn all I can about game development. 3D modeling sounded pretty interesting to me, so here I am, giving it a shot!


Hey there, I’m ronja, artist from berlin, trying to find my way into more complex digital art.


Hi, I’m studying this course along with the C++ game course, trying to learn all about game development.


Hi everyone,
I’m Bahadır from Turkey and would like to learn all about Blender as much as i can do. My purpose is to have fun and make people laugh if i can with my works (That’s what many people need) . I hope we can share a great time. Nice to be with you . Take care .



My name is Stephen, and my goal one day is to be a part of the animation industry! I don’t know what part yet, but I hope this course will help me find out.


Hi, a writer from Santiago who wants to go deeper into gamedev and Mixed Reality.
Getting to know this tool should be a lot of fun.


Hello, my name is John Tinkel and my hope is to learn animation and maybe someday turn it into my profession.


Hi I am Bradley I hope to improve my blender skills.


Hello I’m Sukamo and I bought this a year ago for my sister who is a self taught artist but she has no way to use it and hasn’t since i bought it for her so i decided to start to see if i can help her in about 3 months when she is able to finally use it so i suppose i’m here for teaching purposes.

i myself have never really been very good at drawing art but i’m rather good at other art styles (eg: Drama/stage, cooking/baking (masters), music (Piano, Tuba, Ocarina)) and since i’m a movie editor for various highschools i figured i could try a new style of editing.


Hi, I’m Jason, a Computer Science student from the US. supplementing my degree with 3D art because I love graphics and 3D programming. Want to break into the games industry someday.


Hi my name is Paul. I’m from the North-East region of the U.S.A. Learning Blender to me is an opportunity and great way to continue my creativity as a person that likes art and animation! So it feels magnificent to be apart of the Blender course.



Hello everyone my name is Austin. I am in the Midwest part of the U.S. I want to learn everything I can from these courses so that I can take these skills and create the stories I have dreamed of forging! Thank you for having my and I look forward to posting future works once I have figured out all of this :3


Hi there, I am just starting the Blender Creator course. I am Eric Albertson and am hoping to grow in my 3D skills so that I can use it to design physical mechanisms as well as video game assets. Hi everyone!


Greetings from Indonesia! My name is Oso and I’m a school teacher.

My goal with this course is to master Blender and hopefully be able to design characters and creatures. I’d also like to learn how to animate with Blender and I can’t wait to get started!


Hello good people. Im Johan Martin and I am ancient. I Just got a 3D printer and want to learn how to make models to print. I have a sick tight life schedule and liitle time, but this course is a hobby treat to myself and I will try to learn during commute or other spare moments. Excited.


Hi All, my name is Fred and I’m a graphic designer. I am interested in expanding my knowledge into 3D modeling for the purpose of creating better product designs and mock ups for my work. I am also interested in creating assets and models for video games. Excited to learn more!


Hello everyone.

My name is Lyndon from Canada.

I’m here to develop my skills so that I may one day work in the design industry.

Looking forward to learning with you all.