Welcome Everyone!



Hi everyone, I’m experienced game programmer currently working a simulation game. To decrase cost for props in my game I decied to learn blender and 3D skills. Actually I am not an artist but i think i will learn lot of things.


Hey everyone! I’m Jason from the US. I’m excited to learn about Blender and become a part of the game developer community in some way. Best of luck to everyone!


Hello Everyone, I am Lorenzo and I am excited to learn how to make 3D models with blender to use in a game that I am creating!


Hello all. Dutifully posting as instructed. I’m working up enough skill to be able to add another skill to my job as a communicator. And just because I love art, technology, and 3D graphics.


Hello all.

as per instructions, I’m posting a little note to introduce myself. I’m an architect, so primarily interested in learning how to create beautiful, compelling visualisations, but am also interested in animation more generally.


Hi, everyone! My name is Jeremy; I have joined this to help further my game development. I am currently enrolled in Full Sail University for an Bachelors in Game Design. I purchased a couple of udemy courses and this course is one of them that I bought.
My interest have been in games ever since i was young. I grew up with with video games my entire life. Basically meaning i grew up with games as they advanced to better graphics. From Nintendo to PS4. I love all sorts of games and played a countless number of games.
I also have been working on an RPG for over 16 years!! Alot to do by my self!! So here comes my attempt in the Art design of things!
Anyways, I hope to learn alot here and hope to make friends as well.


Hello everyone, I am Jacob, currently I work in the not for profit sector with vulnerable and homeless populations, but I feel like my true passion and calling is in game development/ art/ and creation and because of that I want to learn Blender, then learn to code, and possibly a few years down the line become the next big game Dev.


Hi! My name is Tina and I want to learn my way around Blender.


Hello, i just started studying graphic design, and wanted to take this course to start getting skills to someday make all the ideas i have for video games a reality.


What’s up people?

I’m Tristan from NZ, though I’m currently a student in Canada. I aspire to be a concept artist and one day create the tutorials I wish were available to me in the past regarding concept art. I’ve been severely lacking in proper 3D skills so I’m immensely excited to start this course.

I feel like a solid foundation in 3D is one of the glaring items on my checklist in order to create concept art that really reaches the next level.



My name is Fernando, Im a NYC based artist, who wants to delve deeper into VR and AR.



My name is Gael. I’m new to the course and eager to start!



Hello! I’m Diana, I’m in my final year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art but I’ve found out along the way how much more interesting entertainment art is to me. Can’t wait to learn more!


hello! Im chelsea from Ohio now living in San Diego. I am a motion graphics artist but I would Like to learn blender to better my 3D skills!


Hello from Finland :slight_smile: I am Juha and I want to learn how to make 3d objects and use them with music.


Hi everyone! I’m Natalia from Spain and i’m learning Blender because i’m really interested in 3D and game development


Hi guys, Oscar Here from Hong Kong, i wanna learn 3d modelling in blender and my ultimate goal is modelling human.


Hi everyone, I’m Sarah, comp sci.
The order of comments of here confuses me but I’m hoping to use blender to develop video games and work with unity. Nice to meet y’all :grin:


Odin, from Michigan. Ultimate goal is modeling armor/humans for mods.


Hello, my name is Wyntonio. I’m a AR/VR developer from Los Angeles, CA, and I’m looking to acquire the skill of 3D modeling so that I can apply for jobs! Looking forward to learning from you guy and gals, and seeing all of your amazing work!