Welcome Everyone!



Hello, I’m Tony. Took up this course as I wanted to dig in again into 3D animation after a hiatus of over 15-20 years I guess (last program I used was TrueSpace 3 from Caligary). No specific goal to reach, just seeing where I can go from this :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone.
My name is Christian, I’m from Mexico and I want to learn 3D to set my skills in practice, I am a huge fan of videogames and cinematics in 3D following this my first goal and dream is to have my own creations of 3D or colaborate with companies of videogames or movies (like Pixar, etc) I want to create my own design as all of you too so, good luck all of you :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,
My name is Ogelenye, i’m new here and it’s so cool to be here and i want to thank you guys for being here because without you this wouldn’t exist. My intentions are to learn to create the next generation 3D animations and modeling too in order to develop world class games.
Once again thank you for this opportunity and i will appreciate it if our seniors here can help me in my quest for learning.



Hi all,

I am Marcin. Some time ago I try to start blender learning on my own but I didn’t continue. Now it is time to finish it :slight_smile: I think that this course should help a lot.



Hello there, I’m a newbie from Belgium, looking for visual ways to make journalism more interactive. I’m already doing some webdesign, and now I’ve decided to make 3D modelling for journalism, so I can have a more creative part in my work and try new ways of telling stories.

Love from Namur !



hi everyone i am sort-of new to blender.


Hello! I am a newbie from Detroit Michigan. I’d like to imporve my skills for 3d Printing.


Hello everyone! Pleasure to meet you all. I am starting a course today through Udemy today! I am excited to continue to increase my knowledge, but as I have only used some free online tutorials previously for Blender, I am excited to fill in the gaps and correct any errors.

Have an awesome creative day!


Hi my name is Jonathan. I work in marketing and advertising and wanted to begin learning 3D animation for this purpose.


Hello, my name is Jonathan from Montreal, Canada and I’m new to programming. I know this is what I want to do with my life and would like to pursue my career in the video game world. I am very keen on getting my feet wet and absorbing all the knowledge I can. I look forward to getting to know this community. Cheers!


Hello my name is Tyler from wisconsin. I have become extremely interested in animation and modelling and hope to at some point pursue a career in programming/graphic design. I’ve used blender - without success - following youtube tutorials, and I would like to learn from a more legitimate and trustworthy source.



I’m Andreas and come from Sweden. I’m a software developer by trade but have always kinda wanted to get into game development since I do love my games. Content for them have always been the big thing putting me off so I figured I’d remedy that! So my goals, personaly, is to get over that initial hump of hesitation and confusion and reach a point where I can whip up decent (or hopefuly good) low-poly styled models for export and use in Unity, complete with rigging for characters.


Hi All!

I’m Monica and I’m from Illinois. I wanted to start learning blender because I was interested in creating things for Second Life but I ended wanting to actually learn all I can about 3D modeling and animation to possibly make a career out of it. I’m really excited to start this journey!


Hello, i’m João Miranda, 2D artist from Rio de Janeiro, glad to meet you all.

I’ve been freelancing as 2d artist though the last 2 years(after my day job as graphic designer). My goal with this course is to get into game industry or be an digital artist fulltime (as this new set of skills can help me on this).

Meanwhile i’m publishing a free webcomic on tapas called LEDA ( https://tapas.io/series/LEDAen/ep1 )

thanks for the attention and see you soon!


Hello! Name is Dave :smile: and I am taking the Learn 3D Modelling - The Complete Blender Creator Course to help me follow my pursuit with game development.


Hello everyone. I am Matsuo. I wanted to make a game and started studying Blender. Thank you. Also, I am not good at English (; ^ ω ^)


Hello All! My name is Adam. I am new to the Blender community. I am anxious to dive in to the program and discover a new creative vent :slight_smile: Thank you for setting up the complete Blender creator course! Can’t wait!


Hi everyone, my name is Jannsya. Just graduated high school and moved to a new state and taking a semester off of college. I’m most likely majoring economic finance, but I’ve always had a strong interest in 3D modeling and just anything creative. So I just thought while I’m taking a break from school, it’d be a great time to start something new and learn more about my interests and make new hobbies and perhaps even change my career path.


Hello, I am manman from Hong Kong, I am so interested in 3D modeling and hope that I can learn more, Thanks:)


Hello everyone! My name is Chris and i am new to this #d Modeling thing. I am just picking this up as a hobby and to learn how to create my own models for Unreal. Looking forward to learning all about this software and receive constructive criticism from you guys.