Weird console output when plugging in my external keyboard

Hi Guys! This is my first post. So, please excuse my negligence to the guidelines.

I have a external mechanical keyboard, that I usually plug-in during working on my laptop. As I was plugging in my keyboard, a weird warning popped up in the Console of Unity -

<RI.Hid> Device is not supported: Gaming Keyboard (0011, 0x0000).

Here is a screenshot of the error -

I am using Unity 4.6.9f1. My computer’s specs are Windows 10, Intel core i5 5200-U, nVidia GeForce 820M.

The Question
Just wanted to know that is this problem severe or can be ignored as such?

does it come up if you have the keyboard plugged in first, before starting up Unity?
possibly if unity is open then you plug device in, you may get warnings during the USB device setup process.

found a similar thread, although this one relates to a monitor.

as far as I read into that, if device is functioning, shouldn’t impact on anything. just would be nice to find out whats causing it in the first place.

It doesn’t come up when the keyboard is already plugged in and then I start Unity. It only comes when Unity is running and the keyboard is plugged in. Another note, the warning doesn’t come up when I plug-in my mouse.

Thanks though!

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sound :slight_smile:

yeah, just sounds like its registering the device, and between registering and completing the setup, unity may be polling it.
therefore a slight timing issue with some hardware. glad thats got rid of it by connecting first :wink:

With previous versions of unity this was also the case for connecting android devices, they had to be plugged in prior to launching unity, otherwise they wouldn’t be detected correctly.

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