Wedge Challenge Completed 2 Ways

Wedge 1 was completed by stretching out a cube and then in edit mode grabbing the top edge and moving it down to exact location as the bottom edge while having “merge vertices move to the same location” on so the 2 edges become one.

Wedge 2 was exactly the same as was in the course.

I found wedge 1 only took like 10 seconds to create while wedge 2 took 1 minute.


I did method one as well. Like they say, the great thing about Blender is there are so many creative ways you can get one specific outcome!

Yeah exactly. I usually do it there way, and then I try to see if there is another method which fits how I would want to do it while still getting the same end result.

Yeah. I think that the first way you completed it would be best if you had to make something very quickly, but the second option (the way that Michael showed us how to make a wedge) is a ‘cleaner’ option. By doing what we did (just pulling the top vertices down) we still had two pairs of vertices, one pair that we weren’t using (so it just kind of clogged up the area).

Very slight difference, probably wouldn’t matter, but I could see how the first option could get a little bit messier if you were making a large model or animation.

Oh for sure. Once we get into more complex models. Different ways will make more sense. :slight_smile:

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