WebGL - Error establishing a database connection


I’ve created my Number Wizard UI game and decided to try and upload it to my web server to host it for a few of my friends to see. However, when ever they go to the page, the receive the error “Error establishing a database connection”. When I visit it from the machine I’ve uploaded it from, it works fine but if I visit from a different computer, I also get the “Error establishing a database connection” error.

I’ve tried to look around for a solution but I’ve been unsuccessful.

Hi Tim,

Did you test your game locally in your brower before you uploaded it onto the internet?

Hi Nina,

Yes, I did the build & run option and it ran fine. It also runs fine when I used the machine I uploaded from and navigating to the URL. But when my friend tries to go to the same URL and even when I try from a different machine, I get the error.

Try to upload it to another website, e.g. simmer.io or itch.io.

Fortunately, it does. However, I still don’t understand what’s happening when I put it on my own webhost. I upload the .ZIP file and just unzip. Wonder if I need to change any settings.

Maybe this answer on stackoverflow will help you. If not, please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for advice in our official Discord chat.

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