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I’ve just finished the current content (Lecture 84) and as i had some weapons i could pull off my placeholders i started making when i ran into an issue.
I was making a Bow and wondered why the animation looked odd and then i realized despite a bow being a 2h weapon the dominant hand in this case is the weaker arm as the stronger arm is used to use the bow string.
This present the issue of the character has the bow in the wrong hand.
Now this in itself is easy to fix IF you only want this character to be left handed for all weapons except the bow as you just change the dominant hand script over to the left hand.
This really does present an inconsistency in the game with if you have an archer and want them to have another weapon as the right bow and left melee will be wrong.

Now i am wondering which would be the best solution for this issue.
I am thinking wouldnt it be better to have a system on the weapon themselves where they are set with a dominant hand when its brought in by scriptable object to the hand it is set to.

Just a thought.


Ooh this is an interesting one…

I think if I were planning out a whole game with this level of detail I would want to do a little more research before making any architectural decisions at this stage, for example, if I were to make a decision based purely on a bow, what if another two-handed weapon needed another solution.

So, first I would decide which weapons would be in the game. Separate them perhaps via ranged, melee, single handed, two handed, and more which have to be “special” from the perspective of how they are held. With all of that info you should be able to start determining the most suitable approach to the architecture. Having every possible customizable alternative may be just unnecessary.

Here’s one for you… Apparently, skilled archers would recommend holding your bow based on your dominant EYE! Now, for this game, that might be taking things just a little too far, but if it only matters for the one weapon type then perhaps just having an IsReversed option for example which does the opposite of the normal behaviour. Really would depend on the individual game a little with regards to the complexity.

Long bows, cross bows, staffs, two handed swords, all of these could have unique hand positions on the weapon depending on being left or right handed also… A shield worn on an arm for example would need to be rotated to look correct on models using a different dominant arm.

If there game has enough of the special case weapons then in my opinion it would be worth going the extra mile on a more thoroughly thought out architecture to support them (and any potential future ones).

In the course game our hero was made left handed to make him a little more un-typical, I would hazard a guess if you opened up Elder Scrolls all of the AI characters you come into contact with will have their swords in the same hand, and changing your own preference may not even be possible.

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Well the simple solution would be that if the character is a bow type then they do not get another type of weapon they can use.
This is one of the major issues i had with some games that only allow this characterisation of you are a ranger so you can only use a bow. That in any story doesnt make sense to me as a ranger always has some closed quarter weapons as they wouldnt survive before teaming up with a party.
I think i am going to eventually have to diverse from the course in creating a way of checking if the right hand has the RDominantHand and if not then use LDominantHand and move the allocation of where the weapon goes to the weapons themselves.
Still ic reated the topic to see what discussions can bring :slight_smile: Will be interesting!

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Not reached there quite yet.

I might have to consider an equippable properties class on the weapon itself.


I just had an additional thought as well as at some point if we want to dual wield we are going to have to distinguish between hands so we dont equip to the same hand or at present have a single dominant hand.
This is going to get more complicated as i guess we need to have a check to see what weapon the hand goes to (left,right or both), If the character is able to equip the weapon, If the characters has one in the dominant hand can they dual wield if so put it in the secondary hand.

This is going to be fun…I thnk

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