We are being taught bad topology?

Hi, i am in section 2 lesson 24 of the complete blender creator course, doing the new blender 3.2 content with grant abbit. During these last few lectures, i a have noticed that we are being taught to create the models with bad topology. By that i mean, lots of N-gons and Triangles. These are really bad for a variety of reasons. So i just want to know, is this being taught for us because it is a course meant for total beginners, who don’t need to learn about good topology? Or is there some other reasoning behind this? Because if people learn to model with n-gons and triangles, that will hinder them in the future, because they already get bad modeling habits.

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What is the challenge about?

The Orc course is all about topology.
This is more or less just about learning the functions of Blender without much detail on what is good or bad topology. As the course said, it is the complete Blender course. And there is much much more to explore.

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It is tricky, there is nothing wrong with n-gons and tris if in the right places. The columns being made are not going to need movement or animation. This is hard surface modeling and n-gons on flat areas are no issue really. The obsession with game uses also means they will stay low poly clunky and unrefined. Everything in a game engine is tris after all.

On the whole, I agree with you, nowhere near enough attention is given to topology. It is all sculpt it and remesh. Even then with auto remeshers. This never happened in the original 2.7 course, we built a head by block modeling and teaching about face loops and such like.

So I guess yes in part it is as it is for beginners and I presume the ‘market’ is seen as for low poly game assets, they seem to think or know, that people, want low quality easy results and dump it in a game engine. This is odd really as things like the old chess set, those posting here tended to drop or ignore the low poly version, (or do it as a second set), while going high poly better quality better looks, and not caring at all about game engines.


I Take back my comment. In the rest of the course, grant seems a bit more conscious in regards to topology. So i guess i have my answer now.


Some students, with some background, are looking for more info (professionalism) in the course. But I think the main idea is to know a bit about Blender usage and just have fun.
And less theoretical knowledge. Which is sometimes pity.

I know that the Blender organization has excellent (technical depth) videos and lessons about Blender. But you need to pay a subscription of 5 euro or so. Which isn’t a bad deal. Blender is free software, but those engineers are not.