Water Floating Model Plane

You can Land, You can float, You can do both


I like Float planes. Have You seen mine ?

here is a top shot of the plane. the wings are in the picture. the cartoon texture green is the model as on the side view pic.

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Wow!!! :astonished: that looks very impressive. Love your skills and the detail you have added to the plane, I would like to fly in it one day :smile:

I have been modeling them to put them into the War Thunder Game. I am taking this course to learn things that I haven’t learned from self teaching myself in Blender for about 4 years. I actually have video tutorials on You Tube on drawing the Glen Float plane.

Whaaa!! :scream: this is so cool!!! I also just checked the game out and it looks sick, this is crazy awesome man… well done :wink: :+1:, love all the work you have done so far on the plane, you are a very great with 3D modelling and animating. Would love to see more of your work in the future :smiley:

TY for the cudos. I am weak on texturing, and a few other things. That’s basically why I am taking this course so I can learn the things I didn’t know about and to speed up some of the modeling. I can model good, but some of the way I do it is the long way round because I am unaware of some of the tools and functions in Blender. Like the stair duplication with Assets in the N property tab. So its good to learn more about this program so I can use it like a scalpel and not a sledge hammer. I also started working on a Star Trek project that I made I think 18 video’s for last year. The people on Trek Yards have completed it though, however it has taught me more about modeling.


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