Warning: I went a bit overboard! xD

Welp, I couldn’t help it. Here is my (not so) low poly chess game :wink:
Used cycles render and focal point for the camera.
Also went ahead and learned UV mapping for this shot otherwise the textures looked terrible.
I hate the table though! My texture was not-so high-res so it looks really fake.
I love the rest :smiley:
I’ll stop talking now; here it is!


Really cool attention to detail! I think it’s successful

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Holy poop that looks awesome

cool meng.

Did you add subdivision surface or something to smooth it out? I notice some extra detail in the knight, which is cool. Notably the wrinkles below it & neck muscle.

I added Subdivision for the more detailed pieces (the queen and the knight).
I spent so much time on the knight! It was looking like a dragon’s head. I asked a few people how to shape it like a horse’s head :wink:

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I like those neck muscles. I was gonna have the skin flaps and neck muscle on mine since I added so much detail to the head. But the model was taking to much work so I just moved on to the next section.

Man, well modeled muscles just look so good!

Oh yes, mine was looking quite like a dragon too! I think its cuz of the wierd source material he had us work with. It was super blurry, but also easily the BEST knight chess piece ever made, if you look at google images of other ones, even from stauton.

After I fleshed out the width of the relation of the nose, cheek bones, and ears, it started to look more like a horse. My nose was still a bit dragon like, I think because well I sort of wanted it too look like a dragon, cuz dragons are cool lol. Although the stauton chess piece he used is slightly fiction where the sculptor merged elements of other creatures into it subconsciously i think, while still having a decent idea of how the horse looked.

Here is mine from aprox the same angle:

As you can see I dont have the neck detail, because I moved onto the next section for obvious reasons xD

general shape was there but in low poly

This looks very impressive! It’s good to go a bit overboard. I learn much more that way.

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